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Everything you need to know about modern jazz music

Jazz music is having a renaissance. What was once the sole preserve of dusty, underground clubs patronized by people in their sixties or over, is now mainstream and restored to its superior status among other highly revered styles of music. A number of films built around young lovers of jazz music, such as La La Land, and the rise of streaming services have made it far easier for young people to access jazz and, surprise surprise, they love it!

Finding good jazz music to listen to

There are all sorts of online services that can help you find new, up and coming jazz artists as well as some of the old standards. The major streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify have dedicated jazz music stations and playlists which are regularly updated and can help you to find something to listen to. There are also a number of online jazz radio stations, based in countries around the world. If you're interested in finding out more about the jazz scene away from your hometown, spin the dial and see what's happening on one of these stations.

Of course, listening to modern jazz music is only the start of your involvement with the genre. You also have the option of learning to play an instrument, joining a band or taking part in jam sessions at your local jazz bar. You could even play jazz-themed online slots like Jazz of New Orleans by Play N Go or Jazz Time by Playtech, to continue enjoying jazz even as yu play! Jazz isn't just a genre of music, it's a whole lifestyle, and all sorts of new people are getting involved, making this the perfect moment to jump in.